A SNAPSHOT

Our key personnel have either individually or collectively undertaken the following projects:

Displaced Persons  Camp - Re-organisation & Overhaul - Southern Sudan 2009-2010

Complete overhaul, re-establishment and implementation of logistics and procurement procedures, planning and organisation at the Nyamlell Camp, Southern Sudan, for Cordaid  Holland. This included the development and implementation of tools and systems for checks and balances, transparency and efficiency.

Production Plants For Mosquito Nets in East and West Africa 2007-2008

Complete feasibility study, costing of project and writing of a comprehensive business plan for setting up a manufacturing plant for Mosquito Nets (Long Lasting Impregnated Nets (LLIN) and insecticide Treated Nets (ITN)

UN Peace Keeping Camp - Sudan2004-2005

Project design, technical and management consultancy to Turn-Key Camps Ltd (TKC), Kenya for the provision and management of  camps for the United Nations Peace Keeping  Monitors deploying in Sudan

Procurement & Logistics Operations - Indian Ocean Islands - Tsunami 2004-2005

Establishment of procurement and logistics operations with World Vision India encompassing and co-ordinating the emergency reilef operation to the Andeman & Nicobar Islands in the aftermath of the Tsunami.

Camp Life Support Services - Sudan

Set up, operated and supplied full life support services for McAlpines / Kenana Camps at Kosti, Sudan for 400 personnel.

Materials Management - Saudi Arabia

Materials management for KKMC City construction with USD 50 million budget. Supply and managemehnt for Saudi Arabian JVC providing life support for 45,000 personnel in desert conditions

Emergency Supply Chain - Balkans - Bosnia Hercegovina  & Kosovo 1997-1999

Set up emergency supply chains for various humanitarian aid organisations in Bosnia Hercegovina during the Balkans wars. Also set up supplies and logistics base in Skopje, Macedonia, which operated for 14 months supporting and supplying humanitarian projects in Kosovo. Seconded to Catholic Relief Services as Procurement & Logistics co-ordinators.

Logistics Consultants - Serbia 2000

Supply and Logistics Consultants to CARE Australia in Serbia just prior to the outbreak of the air campaign 1999-2000

Refugee Camp - Balkans War - Kosovo Refugees 1998-1999

Set up the Stankovitch Refugee Camp in Macedonia to house 20,000 refugees from Kosovo. Then provided both equipment and daily life support through local and International suppliers.

"AIDS" Awareness Campaign - Romania 1999-2000

Following the popular uprising in Romania, assisted the new Government to set up an "AIDS Awareness Programme for the young people of Romania 2000.

Emergency Pharmaceutical Supply Chain - Balkans War - Croatia 1992-1993

Set up a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain for International Committee For Red Cross (ICRC) in Zagreb, Croatia

Refugee Camp - Balkans War - Croatia 1993

Designed and costed the Cakovec Refugee Camp in Croatia for the Government of Croatia - Office for Displaced Persons & Refugees.

Consultants to Croatia Government - Balkans War 1993

Appointed as consultants to the Government of Croatia - Office for Displaced Persons & Refugees, for planning and implementation of rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes.

Procurement & Logistics Operations - Gulf War - Iraq 1990-1991

Seconded to International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFCR) in Geneva, Switzerlane, during the first Gulf War - Iraq, to conduct procurement and logistics operations.

Project Management - Production Plant - Armenia 1996-1998

Project management of IV Solutions Plant in Yerevan, Armenia to ISO 9000 Standards of operation.

Insurance Assessment & Risk Analysis - Caucuses

For start-up businesses in the Caucuses including; Tobacco Factory, Ice Cream Factory and Diamond Cutting Plant

Earth Summit 1992

Devised and wrote the "Distribution & Spending Programme" for the United Nations Earth Summit Committee following the Rio de Janeiro UN Earth Summit Conferance  attended by world Heads of State 1992

Procurement & Logistics - Sudan & Ethiopia 1984-1987

Undertook the complete procurement & logistics programme for USA For Africa during the mid 1980`s for Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. This included project budgeting, funds management, procurement & logistics.

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