In association with our Partners
PRC Associates - Professional - Reliable -Confidential

We provide the following services:
  • VIP and Executive Protection
  • Intelligence & Counter Intelligence
  • Convoy Security
  • Maritime & Shipping Security
  • Communications & Information Technology
  • Hostile Area Risk Assessment & Management
  • Security Systems & Facilities Review
  • Special projects - Training & Assistance
  • Guard Force Creation - Training, Management & Deployment
  • Infiltration & Intelligence Gathering Worldwide. with an emphasis on criminal and drug related activities

Convoy Security

Standing operational procedures; Grab bags; Vehicle preparation; Individual responsibilities; Convoy positions; Reporting and communications; Situation codes; Actions on - i.e checkpoints etc; Immediate action (IA) drills; Do`s and Dont`s; Children; Unexpected crowds en-route; Crowds at location; Minefields; Road traffic accidents (RTA); International vehicle checkpoints (IVCP); Contact drills; Vehicle disablement drills; Lost procedures; Split convoy; Sand storm and flood preparation; Medical.Communications; Emergency rendezvous (ERV) - primary and secondary route.


Security In Conflict Areas

Camp location security; Professional standardsl ID of security teams; General security duties: Protection of property and assets, data and cash; Electronic aids to security; Patrolling, static and mobile; Access control; Searching procedures and techniques; legal aspects in host country; Emergency rendezvous (ERV) - primary and secondary; Crisis management team (CMT) and control establishment; General public; Medical facilities on site; Movement of injured personnel; Medical route planning to ERV. Fire precautions and control; Secured vehicles holding areas.

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Presentations & Publications Available

The following presentations and publications are available from OACG Security Services in PDF format. Click on the link below to download the PDF file.

OACG Security, Intelligence & Training Services V3.0 (Click to download)

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