Overseas Aid Consultancy Group Ltd

Who Are We

Overseas Aid Consultancy Group is an experienced association of companies and individual specialists dedicated to providing professional management and consultancy services and International procurement and logistics support to the International aid community, Government organisations and International corporations engaged in reconstruction and rehabilitation projects in disaster areas and development in third world countries.

Pooling our many years of priceless experience and expertise during which we have all individually or collectively worked at the `sharp end` of projects in the field and `in office` with administration, procurement and logistics for organisations such as UNHCR, UNICEF, IFRC, Catholic Relief Services, Band Aid, USA For Africa, Government and commercial organisations in: Thailand.Sudan (including Darfur). Southern Sudan. Ethiopia. Chad. Mozambique. Angola. Afghanistan, Iraq / Kurdistan, Sierra leone, Somalia, The Balkans including: Croatia, Bosnia Hercegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia. Turkey. India including the Andeman & Nicobar Islands. Honduras. The Caribbean Islands. Sri Lanka. Indonesia. Kazakstan. Armenia - to name just a few.