Barry Burns has more than 30 years experience in sales, procurement and logistics and customer services, within the International aid community. He has worked collectively for; Steyning International Ltd, Tri-Med Ltd and Chancel International FZE. His responsibilities to generate high levels of sales of goods and services and maintain a high level of customer care have taken him to the front line of many disasters and conflicts over the years including; Cambodia, the first Gulf War : Iraq/Kurdistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Bosnia Hercegovina, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

A seasoned and versatile professional, Barry Burns has worked both in Europe and the USA alongside agencies such as Band Aid, USA For Africa, World Vision, American Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children, Care Australia and Church World Services, to name just a few. Barry Burns has designed, built and run refugee camps inside war zones during the Balkans conflicts of the 1990`s in Bosnia Hercegovina and Kosovo.

Barry Burns set up a U.K. office for a Dubai based company in 2001. His primary task was to promote `in house` manufacturing facilities and procurement operations in the Middle East to the International aid community. This promotion was linked to the comapnies warehousing and stock holding facilities in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, designed to create a logistics hub for International aid organisations operating in Africa and the Middle East. In late 2003 Barry Burns established Overseas Aid Consultancy Group (OACG) and then joined up with Ian Hackett (AIPACS) in early 2004. AIPACS OACG became the procurement and logistics arm of Overseas Aid Consultancy Group Ltd.


Another seasoned and extremely versatile professional, Ian Hackett has spent over 30 years working with International humanitarian organisations and International companies around the world. A qualified pilot and logistician, Ian Hackett became a Director of Steyning International in 1983, one of the world`s first specialist procurement companies working globally with aid organisations. he was later a founder member of Tri-Med Ltd.

Ian Hackett was Managing Director of Global Assist Ltd and later of Arun International Procurement And Consultancy Services Ltd (AIPACS), a company he started, from 1990 until early in 2004 when he joined up with Barry Burns the founder of Overseas Aid Consultancy Group. This amalgamation became AIPACS OACG, the procurement and logistics arm and trading name for Overseas Aid Consultancy Group Ltd.

Throughout his career, Ian Hackett has been directly involved in the supply of thousands of tons of emergency disaster / refugee relief goods, reconstruction and rehabilitation projects to Thailand (UNHCR) Ethiopia, Sudan, Mozambique, Angola, Somalia (UNICEF), Turkey, India (IFRC), Afghanistan, Iraq / Kurdistan, the Balkans including: Croatia, Bosnia Hercegovina, Kosovo, Sierra leone and Liberia.

Ian Hackett has amassed considerable first hand experience  in the conceptual planning and implementation of programmes, large scale purchasing operations, shipping and logistics, contract negotiation, budgeting and distribution of funds for programmes and project rescue operations. A key feature of his work has been to ensure that goods and services have been purchased as cheaply as possible without compromising quality and ensuring that projects have been operated with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Ian Hackett and Barry Burns have developed AIPACS OACG into one of the most reputable and sustainable procurement, logistics and consultancy companies currently operating in the International humanitarian aid arena.


Christopher Shillinglaw is a highly experienced operations executive, highly trained in the systems and handling of civil engineering equipment and foodstuffs with specific emphasis in hostile climates. Christopher Shillinglaw spent 12 years developing a U.K. company from a single product specialist into a multi-product diversified company with Middle East joint venture partners and European Agencies. He has also held senior management positions in Ireland, Nigera, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. from 1996 he ran his own business; Shillinglaw & Shillinglaw Ltd as Managing Director and developed the company into one of the leading specialist consultancy and supply companies in the world.

Christopher Shillinglaw has travelled extensively providing management services and training for numerous projects including; life support for 45,000 staff in desert conditions in Saudi Arabia, running a sugar plantation in Sudan and setting up management systems for an Intravenous Solutions (IV) plant in Armenia.

Christopher Shillinglaw has considerable experience in procurement and logistics to both International aid organisations for emergency relief projects and Multi-national corporations involved in survey and exploration projects around the world. he has conducted interviews with the BBC and CNN on the subject of emergency aid supplies and survival in disaster and war zones and written papers for strategic logistics management publications.

Christopher is a qualified management instructor / trainer and a Quality Assurance (QA) management consultant for ISO 9000 with successful achievement for a large number of companies to ISO 9000 QA Standards and JAR 145, he has also worked as a consultant for leading London Insurance assessors on project risk assessment (PRA) in The Caucasus West Africa and the Arabian Peninsular.

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