AIPACS OACG has regional offices in Nairobi, Kenya; Johannesburg, South Africa; Dubai, UAE; Delhi, India; Lahore, Pakistan, Abuja, Nigeria and Bangkok, Thailand. Co-ordinated through our Head Office in the United Kingdom our regional offcies are the vital ingredient that enables AIPACS OACG to provide a wholly comprehensive procurement, logistics and support services network to our customers around the world.

AIPACS KENYA - Nairobi Regional Office for East Africa
Looking after Kenya; Uganda; Tanzania; Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia and Southern Sudan.

  AIPACS Office at Wilson            Mervyn Melville - local Director and Stella

AIPACS SOUTH AFRICA - Johannesburg Regional Office for Southern and Central Africa
Looking after South Africa; Mozambique; Swaziland; Lesotho; Botswana; Malawi; Zimbabwe; Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo.

  AIPACS Office at  Midrand    Tony Hobson local Director. With Nelson             
                                                                                             Mandala in 2004

AIPACS DUBAI UAE - Logistics Hub

AIPACS Warehouse & Logistics Centre Jebel Ali Free Zone

AIPACS INDIA - Regional Office & Warehouse

              AIPACS Warehouse & Office Delhi             AIPACS Warehouse Mumbai

  AIPACS THAILAND - Regional Office & Warehouse
For South East Asia

      Office and Warehouse - Bangkok - Marcel Dubbelman - Local Director


Based in Lahore, AIPACS FAmetex Industries is a major manufacturer of Tents, Marquees, Tarpaulins and other canvas and cotton based products. This is also our regional procurement and logistics centre responsible for purchasing a wide range of products, specific to the needs of the International aid community. From Lahore we supply emergency relief goods to projects all over the world.


Regionally, our close proximity to the North West Frontier allows us to move goods directly to all the main towns and outlying regions in Afghanistan within a matter of a few days when necessary.


Additionally we are providing transport by road to the various countries surrounding, including; Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Mohammed Yusuf Abid, our CEO and his staff maintain the most rigorous standards in fullfilling the high expectations of our customers.


Apart from the manufacture of tents and cotton canvas products, AIPACS Fametex Industries assemble Family Hygiene Kits, Family Food Parcels, Wood Burning Stoves for cooking and heating and make Sleeping Bags, Hanging Kit Lockers and Kit Bags.


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